1. Some Lover

From the recording A Marvel of Idiocy

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Some Lover

Well that girl wasn’t just some lover,
That lady, she’s lying under-cover.
She walks down the avenue,
You know what she’s coming to do.
She’s wearing those high-heels…
That girl, she’s COMING TO KILL

Well you know you won’t be the first,
And you know you’re not the last...
She struts through your back-door
She’s coming to take just a little bit more.
She ties your hands with no slack..
And that’s when you know, you won’t be coming back.

Now you’re buried six feet under
You know that was your fatal blunder.
You scratch scream whine and moan,
But you’re in the dark and you’re all alone.
Your mind starts to un-fray,
Boy, this is where you’re gonna stay.